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Instrumental Performance Degree Requirements

  1. Completion of the following courses: MUSI 1101, 1222, 1311, 1312, 1313, 1314, 3311, 3312, 3313, 3314, 3401, 3405, and 3409.
  2. Completion of MUSI 3232, 3321, 3322W, 4731, 4732 or 4733, 4979.
  3. Completion of two of the following courses: MUSI 3331, 3351, 3361, or 3371Q.
  4. Convocation (MUSI 1101), Applied Lessons (MUSI 1222 or 3222), and Ensemble (MUSI 1110, 1111, 1112) are required for all semesters of a student’s residency in music as a declared music major.
    a. Four of the eight required semesters of Applied Lessons for students pursuing Instrumental Performance must be in MUSI 3222. Students may promote to 3222 in the spring of their sophomore year.
    b. B.M. keyboard students need 4 semesters of ensemble.
  5. Four semesters of MUSI 1113.
  6. Four performance in convocation or recital, exclusive of any degree recitals. Students with an emphasis in performance must appear as a soloist a minimum of three times, the other option being a chamber musician or accompanist.
  7. A half recital during the junior year is a prerequisite for MUSI 4979. Promotion to MUSI 3222 is a prerequisite for the half recital.
  8. Students pursuing the Bachelor of Music must complete piano proficiency equivalent to MUSI 1231 Class Piano Level 4.
  9. Students with keyboard as their primary instrument music complete 4 semesters of MUSI 1241. This must be completed prior to promotion to MUSI 3222.
  10. The University’s information literacy requirement will be met through participation in MUSI 3322W, 3410W, or 3421W.
  11. The University’s writing in the major requirement will be met through participation in MUSI 3322W, 3421W, or any 3000-level or above W course that has been approved for this major.
  12. Students pursuing the Bachelor of Music in Instrumental Performance must take a total of 81 credits in music.