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Woodwind Performance

Woodwind Area

University of Connecticut Woodwind Area faculty provide the technical guidance, interpretive mentoring, and creative inspiration required for our students to become successful student-artists, and subsequently, successful 21st century artist-citizens.

To achieve this, students can expect to receive a balanced emphasis in solo, chamber music, and large ensemble performance opportunity in the Department of Music, and will benefit from the musical and professional insights of our studio faculty through attentive, customized one-on-one weekly instruction.


Naomi Senzer, flute
Curt Blood, clarinet
Amanda Hardy, oboe
Greg Case, saxophone
Hazel Malcolmson, bassoon


Degree Offerings:

Bachelor of Arts Degree
Bachelor of Music Degree
Music Education (5-year Integrated Bachelors/Masters program in conjunction with NEAG School of Education)
Performer’s Certificate (Major Instrument or Chamber Music)
Master of Music Degree
Doctorate of Musical Arts Degree

Studio Lessons:

Music Majors receive weekly, one-on-one instruction with a member of the woodwind faculty. Woodwind Area faculty are highly regarded and experienced Artist-Teachers, able to address the aesthetic and professional goals of each and every student while broadening the scope of each student’s technique and artistic identity.

Woodwind Chamber Music:

The Woodwind Area provides a unique niche in music learning and performance through its emphasis in chamber music collaboration. Chamber music is the key to autonomous learning, the development of leadership and citizenry traits through music, and the formation of a unique artistic identity. Students that participate in the Woodwind Area’s chamber ensembles (wind quintets, quartets, trios) can expect coaching from select faculty in areas of chamber music performance, and process.

Large Ensembles:

Music Majors have the opportunity to participate in our many Large Ensembles, including the Wind Ensemble, Symphonic Band, Jazz Ensemble, Jazz Lab Band, Symphony Orchestra, and the Marching/Athletic Bands.

Undergraduate Audition Requirements:

Two solo pieces and one technical etude.

  1. The first solo selection should be in a slower tempo to demonstrate tone production, control and phrasing.
  2. The second solo selection should be in a moderately quick to fast tempo to demonstrate dexterity and technical facility.
  3. A technical study or etude.

Sight reading may be required at the discretion of the faculty.

NOTE: Clarinetists must audition on a B-flat (soprano) clarinet. Saxophonists must audition on either an alto or tenor instrument.


Graduate Audition Requirements:

Contact the Woodwind Area Studio Teacher for Specific Audition Requirements


For Further Information:

For questions regarding the application/audition process
Department of Music
Phone: (860) 486-3728
Fax: (860) 486-3796

For questions regarding brass study at UConn

Louis Hanzlik, Ed.D.
Coordinator of the Brass Area
(860) 486-4287

For questions regarding the undergraduate curriculum

Peter Kaminsky
Director of Undergraduate Studies for the Department of Music
(860) 486-2758

For questions regarding the graduate curriculum

Alain Frogley
Director of Graduate Studies for the Department of Music
(860) 486-4783