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Independent Music Awards

Professor Earl MacDonald wins Independent Music Award

Professor Earl MacDonald, Director of Jazz Studies, received an award in the Jazz Music Producer category of the 17th Independent Music Awards for his CD, "Open Borders". More information about the Independent Music Awards can be found at: http://independentmusicawards.com/.


Matthew Chiu Receives the 2019 Arthur J. Komar Award

Matthew Chiu, BM Music Theory ('16), was one of the recipients of the 2019 Arthur J. Komar Award.

Arthur J. Komar Award 2019 Recipients

In Tempo Wins 2019 Adolf Busch Award

In Tempo, founded by Angie Durell, BM Violin Performance ('11), was awarded the 2019 Adolf Busch Award.

Adolf Busch Award 2019 Recipient

Dr. Eric Rice Wins 2019 Thomas Binkley Award

UConn Music Faculty Win Grammys