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Admission to the Department of Music

First-year, Transfer, “Branchfer,” School Change

Students wishing to enroll as first-year students and major in music at the University of Connecticut are encouraged to make informal contact with a music faculty member, preferably the corresponding applied teacher or ensemble conductor. Information about the department and its programs is available online at or through visits— either during scheduled Open Houses or by arrangement through the department office. An on-site audition, including an aural-skills assessment, is required. Application procedures are detailed at

Procedures for transfer students, “branchfer” students (from another UCONN campus), and current UCONN Storrs campus students are essentially the same. Mid-year admission for these students is possible, providing that they audition on the date scheduled in December.

Additional information about UCONN requirements can be found at and

Financial Assistance

 NOTE: The financial assistance detailed in this section is that of the music department. Further information on University scholarships and financial aid can be found at

 A limited number of music scholarships are awarded each year, both to facilitate the enrollment of new students in areas of departmental need, and to recognize the achievement of continuing students. No special application or audition is required to be considered for a departmental scholarship.

Music scholarships are renewed annually during the degree, as long as the full time student enrolls in a minimum 6 credits in music per semester, maintains a 3.0 grade point average, and demonstrates timely persistence to graduation.

As part of the assistance detailed in financial-aid packages, some additional support may be available through campus employment of various kinds. Work study, a federally funded student-employment provision, may be part of a student’s financial-aid award. Campus employment opportunities can be accessed at

Music Major Fee

A majors fee is charged every semester to each student majoring in music until all requirements have been met and the degree is awarded. This fee, established by the Board- of-Trustees, is a feature of majors across campus whose instructional costs exceed the norm. No waivers are permitted.