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Convo Agreement Form

MUSI 1101: Convocation, Concert, and Recital Repertoire
Spring 2016 – Fridays, 1:25–2:15, von der Mehden Recital Hall 

Required of all undergraduate music majors every semester of residence. Zero credit. Students receive a final grade of S (satisfactory) or U (Unsatisfactory).

Coordinator: Dr. Eric Rice; office hours: Fridays, 2:30–3:30, or by appointment;
Office: Music 229; ext: 6-3728;


  1. To become acquainted with a variety of musical styles and repertoire in a live-music setting;
  2. To offer experiences to musicians as both performers and listeners;
  3. To develop stage skills as performers and etiquette as audience members;
  4. To serve as a forum for discussion of issues of value to professional musicians and music educators.

Attendance Requirement:
Attendance as a listener and/or performer of ten (10) convocations is required. Student attendance is recorded on dated slips distributed upon entering the hall and submitted upon exiting. No slips are available after 1:35 or collected before 2:05, except that slips will be collected earlier if the class ends earlier. Only one slip per person will be accepted. Anyone experiencing difficulty in meeting the attendance requirement is urged to see Dr. Rice early to arrange a substitute requirement.

Attendance of a music department concert outside your performance medium area (i.e., attending a brass recital if you are a singer, jazz concert if you are a violinist, etc.) will equal attendance at one convocation. You must bring us a program signed by a faculty member to receive convocation credit. When master classes occur outside of the regular convocation schedule, you may attend these and substitute them for attendance at convocation, but only for master classes outside your performance area.  You must present Amanda with a copy of the master class program signed by a faculty member to confirm your attendance.

 Undergraduate Performance Requirements: 

  1. Four performances (strive for one each year), in Convocations and/or elective recitals, are required for graduation. Degree recitals are required in addition to these appearances. Performances must be on one’s primary instrument and approved by the teacher or coach.
  2. Performance-emphasis students must appear at least three times as a soloist. Students in theory, music education, or Bachelor of Arts programs may appear as soloists, accompanists, or chamber musicians.
  3. Convocation Agreement forms must be completed at least one week prior to the earliest appearance date requested. Forms must be signed by all performers—including accompanists and other collaborators—and a private teacher or coach in the case of chamber performances.
  4. Ordinary staging requirements must be communicated to the von der Mehden staff during the hour preceding Convocation. Unusual needs must be made known at the time the form is submitted.

Technology Misconduct Statement:
Cellphones are to be in the silent position at all times and put away. Do not put them on vibration mode. Any student who violates this policy will be asked to leave and will not be counted as having attended convocation. TEXTING IS ABSOLUTELY PROHIBITED. iPods and other music players may not be used. Like cellphones, they must be put away once you enter the room, or you will be asked to leave. Photography and recording (both video and audio) are not allowed. IMPORTANT: Violating the above rules constitutes disruptive behavior and will be handled as a violation of the Student Code. In other words, violators will be reported to the Office of Community Standards for formal disciplinary action.

Religious Observance Statement:
“Students anticipating such a conflict should inform their instructor in writing within the first three weeks of the semester, and prior to the anticipated absence, and should take the initiative to work out with the instructor a schedule for making up missed work.”  

Convocation Calendar (as of February 3, 2017)

January 20 – Department Prospective Student Audition Day; Convocation cancelled

January 27 – Department Prospective Student Audition Day; Convocation cancelled

February 3 – Kathy Kosins, Jazz Performer and Music Business Consultant

February 10 – Department Head Forum

February 17 – Dr. Eric Rice, “The Meaning and Purpose of Historical Performance”

February 24 – Wendy Sharp, Violin Master Class (vdM); Dr. Stuart Duncan Colloquium: “From
Love to Death: Metric Conflict in Britten’s “Since She Whom I Lov’d” (MusB 107)

March 3 – Howard Nelson, Physical Therapist, and Pamela Frank, violin: “Improving the
biomechanics of how you use your body and evaluating how postures and movements can be the cause of injury and pain”

March 10 – Cancelled due to weather

March 17 – Spring Break – No Convocation

March 24 – Dr. Paula Matthusen Presentation; Student Performances

March 31 – Professor Ed Large, “A Neuro-Dynamic Model of Rhythm Perception”
Please click here to read one of Dr. Large’s papers.

April 7 – Student Performances

April 14 – Student Performances

April 21 – Student Performances

April 28 – Student Performances; Professor Mark Ferraguto (Pennsylvania State
University) Colloquium: “Beethoven, the Erard, and the 32 Variations (WoO 80)” (MusB