Undergraduate Programs


While students completing a degree eventually focus on one area of music, such as performance or music history, their coursework frequently includes requirements from other areas in order to complement their skills and make them more complete and knowledgeable musicians. Information about the various programs within the Department of Music can be found by clicking on the links on this page.

The Department of Music offers a variety of undergraduate degrees. Whether you are preparing for a career as a performer or educator or you simply want to learn more about music, the Department of Music has a degree for you.

Every student, regardless of degree, has a focus on a particular performance medium.


Bachelor of Arts (BA)

BA – Music
BA – Music History
BA – Jazz Studies*The Bachelor of Arts with a major in music has undergone a significant curricular revision that allows students to pursue their desire to study music and at the same time pursue other academic interests, including majors or minors in other departments and programs within the University.

Integrated Bachelor’s/Master’s Degree (IB/M)

IB/M – Music Education

This degree is offered in conjunction with the Neag School of Education.

Music Minor