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A Comprehensive and Close-Knit Musical Learning Community

Ours is the most comprehensive public university music program in New England, offering the BA, BM, MA, MM, DMA, and Ph.D., and bringing together students from a wide range of musical backgrounds and experiences to study in a close-knit learning community of musicians within a large research university. At the Department’s core is the belief that training in the Western classical tradition provides a solid foundation of musicianship for any twenty-first-century musical endeavor, and our curriculum stresses the development of fundamental musical skills.
UConn’s Department of Music has four interdependent purposes: to train music students to become performers, scholars, and teachers; to provide students across the University with courses and performing activities in which they can cultivate their creative skills and artistic sensibilities; to make significant scholarly and artistic contributions to the field of music; and to engage local, regional, and state communities with public concerts, lectures, and school outreach programs. The Department is made up of approximately forty-five faculty members, who are among the nation’s top performing artists, teachers, and scholars. Its student body comprises forty graduate students in performance, music history, and music theory as well as around 150 undergraduates pursing bachelor’s degrees in music. This size complements the Department’s comprehensive scope to make for an especially rich experience: nearly all students — from opera singers to jazz improvisers to music historians — will collaborate in the classroom and on the performance stage. In addition, our small class sizes permit the faculty to devote careful attention to students’ abilities and needs.
UConn’s proximity to Hartford, Boston, and New York City provides students with many opportunities to experience the work of world-class performers active in those cities, some of whom are on its faculty. All undergraduate music majors participate in the Department’s ensemble program and receive private lessons from faculty members on their primary instrument. The Department’s active performance schedule consists of recitals by students, faculty members, and visiting artists as well as concerts by the Department’s ensembles. Lectures and master classes by scholars and visiting artists are another regular feature of the life of the Department. Collaboration with other departments and areas within UConn’s School of Fine Arts is common: operas are regularly produced in the Nafe Katter Theater with assistance from students and faculty in the Department of Dramatic Arts, master classes given by visiting artists often occur at the Jorgensen Center for the Performing Arts, and student concerts are regularly presented at the Benton Museum of Art.
For all program inquiries or questions about events, please email music@uconn.edu, or give us a call at 860-486-3728