Graduate Handbook


This Handbook represents an effort to collect in a single document the information that is most useful to students working towards a graduate degree in music at the University of Connecticut. The principal sources of the information it contains are the Graduate Catalog, and Music Department policies as established by vote of the music faculty. While the Handbook may qualify or clarify statements contained in the Graduate Catalog, it does not supersede them. Therefore it is important that students also familiarize themselves with the procedures and requirements set forth in the Catalog--especially any recent changes or additions. The Graduate Catalog may be accessed through the Graduate School web site at

The Handbook is intended for prospective students and those just entering a degree program, as well as students who are in the middle or end stages of earning a degree. It is organized into chapters, with material presented in a chronological fashion that corresponds to a typical student's progress through a degree program. The early chapters will be of greatest interest to those applying for admission, whereas current students will find most of the information they need in the later chapters. If you are nearing the completion of your studies, you should pay special attention to Chapter VIII, which includes a discussion of final degree requirements and deadlines.

Graduate students play a vital role in the research, performance, and pedagogical mission of the Music Department. It is important to the faculty that you know what is expected of you and that you are given every opportunity to achieve your academic goals. Part of our responsibility to you is to provide the information you need about procedures you must follow in pursuing a degree. If you have suggestions for improving the content or organization of this Handbook, please direct them to the Director of Graduate Studies in the Music Department.

Ronald Squibbs
Associate Head for Graduate Studies