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Concerto Competition

2018 Concerto/Aria Competition


2017 Concerto/Aria Competition Winners

Grace Carver, mezzo-soprano
Olga Radović, piano
Mai Vestergaard, violin

Winners performed alongside the UConn Symphony Orchestra on Thursday, December 7th in von der Mehden Recital Hall.

Concerto Competition Rules

  1. The Competition is open to any UConn junior, senior, or graduate student in any music degree program who is currently registered for applied study (MUSI 1221, 1222, 3222, 5323) during the Fall Semester, when the Competition takes place.
  2. Any person who has won the competition in the previous academic year is ineligible.
  3. Entry forms are downloadable here. The signatures of the entrant, applied teacher, accompanist, and conductor are required on the entry form. Entrants are advised that conductors can receive PDFs of scores via email or hard copies in the conductor’s mailbox. The entrant must return the completed form, with all signatures, to the Music Department Office beginning TBD and no later than 5 pm on TBD. Entries received after the deadline will not be eligible for one of the eighteen (18) audition time slots available. Entrants will be assigned an audition time slot based on the time stamp affixed to all applications as they are turned in to the Music Department Office. Time slots will be assigned by TBD and communicated to all applicants and accompanists.
  4. Contestants’ selected works:

Vocalist contestants will prepare and perform at the audition and the concert a selection or selections that are no more than eight minutes (8’00”) in total length. Selections should ideally be from the same song cycle or opera character. Alternatively, selections from different operas by the same composer or by different composers of same historical period and comparable style may be acceptable. A maximum of three winners will be selected.

Instrumentalist contestants will prepare and perform at the audition and the concert one selection that is at least ten minutes in length and not longer than fifteen minutes. A maximum of three winners will be selected.

While the judges will make an effort to strike a balance between vocalists and instrumentalists as well as graduates and undergraduates, quality will be the main consideration for determining the winner and/or winners.

  1. The maximum audition time in the Competition is eight minutes exactly. Entrants should select for the audition an excerpt from the entire work(s) that best represent both their abilities and significant features of the music to be performed. Vocalists should be prepared to perform the entire selection.
  2. Any work for soloist with an orchestral or wind ensemble accompaniment is acceptable for performance. Suitable genres include concert/operatic arias, songs, and concerti. Budget, time constraints, and ensemble technical demands may render some works unsuitable. Mr. Felder and Dr. Renshaw will be the sole judges of suitability. Potential entrants are advised to consult with Mr. Felder and Dr. Renshaw before committing to a work.
  3. The music must be memorized for the performance, and it is recommended, but not essential, that it be memorized for the competition as well. The memorization requirement can be waived only if the work is relatively new and the student has approval from both his/her studio teacher and the conductor (refer to item #6 regarding suitability).
  4. Any accepted contestant who is unable to attend the Competition on TBD or the Concert on TBD will be disqualified. Arranging an alternative audition day and time or an alternative performance time is not possible.
  5. Students must provide three copies of their musical selections for the Competition jury.
  6. The competition will be open to the public. Designated seating will be available in von der Mehden Recital Hall.
  7. The results of the Competition will be announced by the Music Department Office immediately after the competition.