MA Historical Musicology

Courses Credits
Music 5302 Analytic Techniques 3
Music 5391 Procedures in Historical Research 3
Music 6411, 6412, or 6413 Four courses in Music History, concentrating on important genres, major composers, and historical style periods. At least one seminar must focus on a pre-eighteenth century topic, and at least two on post-seventeenth century topics. 12
Music Theory Elective One course from Music 5348 Schenkerian Theory and Analysis, 5353 Theory Seminar, 5354 Advanced Analysis, or 3371Q/5379 20th Century/Atonal Theory and Analysis 3
Open Electives 3
Thesis 0
Total Course Credits: 24
Research Credits Grad 5950 9
Total Credits: 33

In addition, attendance and participation in the Music History/Theory Colloquium is expected during each semester of residence.

See Requirements & Standards for Graduate Study for other requirements (especially Research Credits and Foreign Language), and Final Requirements (especially Master’s Degree Thesis and Master’s Degree Final Examination).