Jazz Promotional Jury

Jazz Promotional Jury Components

Undergraduate jazz students (BA and BM) must pass the Jazz Promotional Jury at the end of their sophomore year in order to enroll in applied study at the MUSI 3222 level. If the student does not pass the jury on the first attempt, the student may retake the jury the following semester. The student may not take the jury more than twice.

Components of the Jazz Promotional Jury
  • From the list below of 12 jazz standards, two will be performed: one selected by the faculty, and one selected by the student. These pieces must be memorized. Performances will include the melody as well as several choruses of improvisation on the song’s form.
  • Transcription: prepare a short transcription of a solo played on your instrument. A selection at a medium-tempo is recommended to best demonstrate sound, articulation, time feel and stylistic concepts. The transcription may be performed unaccompanied or along with the original recording.
  • Sight reading
  • Scales: Demonstrate fluency with all scales and technical requirements listed.
  • Drummers must
    • prepare all scales and song melodies on mallet instruments
    • include trading 4’s and/or 8’s in their performance of the memorized standards
  • Bassists must demonstrate the ability to improvise appropriate bass lines on each piece.
  • Pianists must demonstrate “comping” on all jazz pieces.


      All The Things You Are
      Alone Together
      Billie’s Bounce
      Body & Soul
      Maiden Voyage
      Out of Nowhere
      Someday My Prince Will Come
      Stella By Starlight
      What Is This Thing Called Love?


      Scales are to be prepared in all 12 keys.

      major and all major modes
      minor (harmonic, melodic and “jazz melodic minor” forms)
      modes of harmonic minor and “jazz melodic minor”
      major and minor pentatonics
      diminished (1/2, w & w, 1/2)
      whole tone
      bebop scale (mixolydian with passing tone)