Music Minor

Symphonic Band


The Music Minor at the University of Connecticut offers students the opportunity to increase their musical knowledge and further their musical skills. No prior training in music is required. The program requires a minimum of 18 credits including two three-credit courses on the fundamentals of music (Music 1011 and 1012), and two three-credit courses selected from Music 1004 (Introduction to Non-Western Music) and Music 1021 and 1022 (Introduction to Western Music). Students with prior training in music theory may substitute Music 1313-1314 for Music 1011 and 1012 with the consent of the instructor. Additional courses may be taken from other non-major courses or, with the consent of the instructor, courses for music minors in the areas of history and theory. Music lessons are reserved for music majors. In some exceptional cases a student who plays in departmental ensembles (orchestra, wind ensemble) may be able to arrange lessons. Private lessons are offered at the UConn Community School for the Arts on a non-credit basis. Participation in ensembles requires an audition at the beginning of the fall semester of each academic year.

For further information, contact:

Eric Rice
(860) 486-3728