BA – Jazz Studies


BA – Jazz Studies 

With its streamlined design, the Jazz Emphasis of the Bachelor of Arts in Music is the perfect option for students wishing to combine their passion for performing jazz with another degree outside of music. It includes many of our most popular jazz courses (Intro to Jazz Improvisation, Jazz Arranging 1, History of Jazz, Jazz Ensembles and Combos) while providing considerable flexibility for elective courses.  

The Jazz Studies BA is also compatible with the music education track. Students preparing to become teachers earn a BA in Music, a BS in Music Education, and a Master of Arts in Curriculum and Instruction within five years. The jazz BA can fulfill the Bachelor of Arts portion of this three-degree program. Because it blends jazz and classical music experiences and instruction, the BA with an emphasis in Jazz Studies produces exceptionally well-rounded, prepared teachers. 

In a world that increasingly demands versatility, many successful musicians are comfortable performing both notated and improvised music. The degree’s music instruction is a blend of jazz and the Western notated tradition, a combination that sets it apart from others and prepares students for successful careers in music. BA Jazz Emphasis students take one credit of jazz lessons and one credit of classical lessons concurrently for three semesters, at which point their lessons are focused solely on jazz. Few other degree programs offer students the benefit of the shared perspectives of jazz and classical applied faculty members in one-on-one lessons. 

Ensemble experiences are equally varied, exposing students to a variety of styles and giving them opportunities to collaborate with notable guest artists and industry professionals. Our award-winning jazz ensembles perform throughout New England in venues ranging from concert halls and auditoriums to jazz clubs and outdoor stages. These rich opportunities have a significant impact on how students will develop as musicians and teachers in the future.