Recital Scheduling Request

To schedule any recital, regardless of location, degree program, or performance medium, students must fill out the Recital Scheduling Form. Students will be scheduled in the following order: DMA, MM, PC, BM, and BA. BA recitals are elective and must only occur in the fall semester; exceptions can only be made by the Department Head.

Please consult the UConn Music Events Calendar (linked here and located below the form) when selecting your desired recital days and times to ensure there are no conflicts. Note: von der Mehden may not be available during unlisted times in the calendar.

Important details:

1. Your program materials are due three weeks before the date of your recital. Please send these to and Program materials include program order, texts and translations (if applicable), program notes, and bios. Student bios may not be longer than 150 words; if your bio is longer, it will be returned for revision. Failure to turn in your program materials by the three-week deadline may result in the cancellation of your recital. Please note that recitals will not be allowed to go forward without programs. We are aware that vocal hearings are often within the two weeks prior to the recital, but the materials must be submitted by this deadline. (Please note that texts and translations will be checked and may be corrected. If you really want to use your particular translation, you will want to submit your program early for consideration by our copy editor, who has the final say on the translation.)

2. No applications will be accepted after the deadline. Please have applications submitted early to ensure the best slots. Thank you for your patience and cooperation.

3. You must fill out the Production Form at least three weeks prior to your recital date.