Degrees, Majors, Areas, and Programs

Undergraduate music degrees offered in the School of Fine Arts include:
Bachelor of Arts in Music
Bachelor of Arts in Music – Jazz Studies
Bachelor of Arts in Music – Music History

Bachelor of Music – Composition
Bachelor of Music – Music Theory
Bachelor of Music – Instrumental Performance
Bachelor of Music – Vocal Performance

IB/M Music Education*

*Students interested in pursuing a major leading to certification to teach music in public schools begin their course of study as BA students in the Department of Music’s Pre-Teaching program. After applying and being admitted to the Neag School of Education in their fourth semester, they must also complete requirements for the Bachelor of Science (BS) in Music Education and finally for the Master of Arts (MA) in Curriculum and Instruction. The BS and MA are awarded by the Neag School of Education.

Additional information about curricular requirements for all majors can be found in the university’s Undergraduate Catalog, and here, where sample semester sequences can be found. The university’s academic regulations, including distribution requirements pertaining to general-education coursework, are detailed at The core music curriculum, i.e., those classes taken by all music majors, regardless of program, includes both academic and applied study. Coursework includes music history, harmony, ear training, and piano. All students receive an hour of private applied instruction per week and perform in at least one major ensemble and in smaller ensembles as required. They also attend weekly Convocations and meet requirements for convocation performances* (see endnote for table of core requirements).

Music and most other fine arts majors are subject to the School of Fine Arts Six-credit Rule. Unless an exemption is granted by the School of Fine Arts Assistant Dean, majors must enroll in a minimum of six credits in departmental courses during each semester of full-time study. Information about special opportunities such as dual major or degree, study abroad, and the Honors Program can be found on the website, where each program of interest can be searched individually. Assistant Dean Eva Gorbants ( can be consulted for additional information.